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Tuesday .22LR Rifle Night (7-9pm)

The club has a number of .22LR rifles to use for those wanting to try, or you can bring your own. We also have a small group of volunteers to help anyone wanting to learn about shooting.

We are open to all ages and encourage kids to come and give it a try. While we don't have a specific minimum age limit for kids, we need the following:

   - They must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
   - They must be mature enough to pay attention and follow instructions
   - They must be strong enough to hold a .22LR rifle

Range fees for .22LR Rifle Night are as follows and include everything you need, including 30 rounds of ammunition.

- $5.00 Junior Club Member

- $10.00 Adult Club Member

- $15.00 Non-member 

.22 Rifle and Handgun nights will be running through Dec 18th, and then closed for the Christmas break. We will be back during the week of Jan 6th.

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