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 *** Feb 25 - We are opening Wed nights - MEMBERS ONLY - to both handgun and rifle shooters, with a strong Covid plan. Participation requires your acknowledgement that coming to the club is at your own risk. If you have any concerns about Covid, please stay home. 
***** Wed, March 24: Open for members. Please reserve your spot. Do not arrive without a confirmation. Thank you.
COVID-19 Updates
We will be opening with big changes, to comply with WorksafeBC and PHO regs. 

Member Requirements to Participate:

- Understand we are trying to find a balance between enjoying an activity run by volunteers, and our health and safety. Participation is at your own risk and if you have any concerns, please don't come.
- If you are unwell or have had contact with people from out of the province in the past 2 weeks, please stay home.

- EXPERIENCED SHOOTERS ONLY, no novices or children that may require frequent safety corrections.

- Visitors or guests are not allowed at this time, to limit the number of people in the range.

- A MASK IS REQUIRED. No exceptions.

- Gloves and/or hand sanitizer is recommended to keep in your range bag.
- We need to reduce/eliminate the need for members to touch club equipment, so bring your own staplers, targets, safety gear, etc. You shouldn't need to borrow anything.
- Please bring the exact fee, so we aren't handling more money than we need to.

- We will be implementing a reservation system to limit numbers, with defined time slots.
  Wed nights:
     First shift: 6:50-7:50pm
     Second shift: 8-9pm

More details when you sign up, and you will sign up via the e-mail form below. Go to the bottom of this page, and fill out the e-mail form, and for Handgun Night, state which shift you prefer (6:50pm or 8pm).

Reservations will be done on a first-emailed, first-served basis, and will open each week at Thursday morning, at 0:01am, and will close at 7pm, 24 hours prior to the event start time.

Handgun Night reservations will close Tuesday night at 7pm.
We are in uncharted territory with this virus, so please work with us to be sure that we're all doing our part to make these activities successful. Violating these conditions or reservation abuse like no-shows, may result in you not being able to participate in these activities. 
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Please check back here for updates.

***This notice OVERRIDES the general text below.
Wednesday Handgun Night (7-9pm) ***

Image Gallery.

Handgun night is for members and guests to shoot their own handguns. Due to a light backstop, we are limited to a max calibre of .45ACP. No magnums. No 7.62x25, no steel core/jacketed ammunition, etc. If a magnet sticks to it, we cannot use it. Bring everything you need, including ammunition, targets, stapler, eye & ear protection, etc. We do not have handguns to rent, nor ammunition to buy. Bring your firearms license and follow all transport regulations. Newcomers will have some paperwork to fill out, so come a few minutes early if you can.

We have portable target stands so you can shoot close or the entire 20 yard length of the range. Since we do not have a target retrieval system, we shoot for approximately 10 minutes, then have a cease-fire to change targets.

*** Please note that if nobody is here at 8:30pm, we may close early! If you are planning on arriving after 8:30pm, please let us know ahead of time using the form below.

Range fees for handgun night are as follows:

- $5.00 Club Member
- $10.00 Non-member ($15 effective Jan 1, 2020)

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